Playing Cards + Target Pins

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Top Trumps was first published in the 1960s and features packs of cards based on themes ranging from sports and popular culture to buildings and dinosaurs. 

The game revolves around players comparing statistics on the cards to win rounds, in which the player with the highest-value statistic collects each opponents’ card. Players are eliminated when they lose all their cards, with the winner being the player who obtains the whole pack.

World Archery Top Trumps was produced by Winning Moves UK.

This November enjoy our special offer, for 1 set of playing cards purchased, get 4 high quality target pins made in Germany by Beiter, with an exclusive colour for World Archery. (conditions applies*)

The 32 athletes featured in the limited edition game are Aida Roman (Mexico), Andrea Marcos (Spain), Atanu Das (India), Braden Gellenthien (USA), Brady Ellison (USA), Chang Hye Jin (Korea), Deepika Kumari (India), Demir Elmaagacli (Turkey), Jean Charles Valladont (France), Ki Bo Bae (Korea), Kim Woojin (Korea), Ku Bonchan (Korea), Linda Ochoa-Anderson (Mexico), Lisa Unruh (Germany), Marcella Tonioli (Italy), Marcus D’Almeida (Brazil), Matt Stutzman (USA), Mike Schloesser (Netherlands), Naomi Folkard (Great Britain), Oh Jin Hyek (Korea), Sebastien Peineau (France), Sara Lopez (Colombia), Sarah Prieels (Belgium), Sarah Sonnichsen (Denmark), Sjef van den Berg (Netherlands), Stephan Hansen (Denmark), Tan Ya-Ting (Chinese Taipei), Taylor Worth (Australia), Veronika Marchenko (Ukraine) and Zahra Nemati (Iran). 

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