All orders made between 20 December and 10 January will be shipped in January.

New World Archery shop opens online

After a few weeks of down time, the World Archery online shop is open – and with a brand-new look. A different platform and refreshed service will, we hope, provide better service, be updated more often and offer a wider selection of products for the archery community.


From now on, the shop will also accept payments through Paypal as well as bank transfers. Payments are processed manually, meaning that the system will provide the total amount of your order and you will be only charged for shipped items (the amount charged will never exceed the amount of the original order). 

For some products, World Archery will now offer on-site delivery during events. In shipping, choose the delivery at event location, and you will see in the shipment option if the event you’re attending is available.

Any questions? No problem. Email shop staff directly at