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Get your beginners a new way to practice at home, without harm. With this grip, we explain you how to build your own bow, with just a PVC tube. 

You will also receive exclusive exercises prepared by our own World Archery Excellence Centre head coach, Marc Dellenbach.

The ZeroBow is a great tool to develop and maintain great technique

The grip, available in both right and left handed versions, but also in an adult and youth sizes, will be delivered with a string and thermo retractable finger serving.

You just need to buy a regular 16-mm diameter PVC tube, and adjust it to the length you wish. We recommend 180 cm for adults, and 160 cm for youth.

The PVC tube is NOT included in the price, and will not be provided.

The ZeroBow is such a valuable tool for every archer. It’s great for beginners to practice the shape before they shoot. It’s a useful tool for archers to understand changes in technique. And it’s a fantastic way to increase numbers of repetition, at home, in the office, wherever you want.


Custom quotation are also possible, please submit your request through this form.