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Terms and Conditions


The buyer acknowledges to have understood and accepted in their whole and without any restrictions the sale and purchase terms and conditions of the site https://shop.worldarchery.org

Consequently, the buyer who wishes to order online acknowledges that he is fully aware of the fact that his agreement of these terms and conditions does not require his written signature of the present document.
Any buyer declares that he is entitled to enter into a contractual relationship with World Archery in accordance with these terms and conditions.
World Archery commits itself to communicate, within reason, to its potential clients the greatest information available on the following topics:

Description of the main characteristics of the proposed products and of their use.

Prices of all the products in Swiss Francs (CHF).
Information on the methods of payment and on the execution of the order as well as shipping and handling charges.

Article 1: Entirety

The website https://shop.worldarchery.org is the propriety of, has been designed and created and is managed by World Archery Federation at Lausanne, Switzerland.
The present terms and conditions include any and all rights and obligations of the parties. No single, specific or general term or condition that may appear on documentation sent, given or handed over to a buyer will alter, replace or complete parts of or the entirety of these terms and conditions
World Archery reserves the right to modify at any time and without any preliminary notification of any kind these terms and conditions.

Article 2: Object

The present terms and conditions define the rights and obligations of the parties in relation to the on-line sale and purchase on the website https://shop.worldarchery.org of products and services offered by World Archery.

Article 3: Contractual documents

The present terms and conditions and the order process make up the contractual documents between the parties.

Article 4: Delivery

The delivery in Switzerland and in Liechtenstein should not exceed 7 to 21 business days, as of the day following the reception of the order.
The delivery in Europe should not exceed 12 to 28 business days, as of the day following the reception of the order.
The delivery in any other country should not exceed 15 to 30 business days, as of the day following the reception of the order.
Tracking options are available at check-out, if a shipping option without tracking is selected, there will be no possibility to trace the parcel until customer receives it. Exceptionally, items cannot be shipped during an event organised by World Archery (Archery World Cup, World Championships, Olympic Games)

Article 5: Electronic signature:

The buyer’s “mouse click” on “place your order” is considered to be the electronic signature which is binding between the parties in the same sense as a hand written signature would be.

Article 6: Order Confirmation – Contract

The contract is validated as soon as the buyer has confirmed his order by pressing (clicking) the order confirmation button. As of that moment the cancellation of the order is no longer possible. A modification of the order is only possible in case of an out of stock occurrence on one or more products or in case the buyer wishes to increase his order or in case the buyer wishes to change a size or a color of a selected product or in case the buyer wishes to exchange a selected product for another one with equal or superior monetary value.

Article 7: Transaction proof

All the transactions records, stored on the Shopify system under reasonable security conditions, are considered as proof of communication, order confirmations and payments between the parties. The order confirmation and invoices are archived on reliable and enduring platforms and can be produced as proof, should it be necessary.

Article 8: Products / Stock

8-a: World Archery presents the products it wishes to sell on the website https://shop.worldarchery.org with all the necessary information enabling the buyer to understand, prior to the order confirmation, all the characteristics of the products the buyer may wish to purchase. World Archery states that it has acquired any and all necessary rights to legally sell all the products offered on the website https://shop.worldarchery.org.

8-b: The products proposed by World Archery are only valid so long as their stock available for delivery. World Archery can under no circumstances be responsible, and therefore no indemnification can be claimed, should any and all products become temporarily or perpetually unavailable.

8-c: The images shown on the website are for reference only and should help the potential buyer in his shopping experience. World Archery gives no guarantee on the accuracy of these pictures in comparison to the product itself. In this respect, it is possible that the appearance of the colors on computer screens and other visual supports are different than the colors of the products. All illustrations and support items appearing on the website are not for sale and will not be delivered to any buyer.

8-d: The buyer is solely responsible to verify any side effects, such as allergies, the use of the Products may cause.

8-e: Commercially reselling items purchased on the website https://shop.worldarchery.org is strictly forbidden.

Article 9: Prices – Shipping and Handling charges

The official prices are listed in Swiss Francs (CHF).
The official prices valid on the date that the order confirmation is sent to the buyer are binding between the parties.
The prices indicated on the website https://shop.worldarchery.org include VAT for deliveries in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. For deliveries in Switzerland and Liechtenstein the Swiss VAT rates are applicable (7,7% or 2.4%). The prices do not include shipping and handling fees. These are charged separately (including VAT). For deliveries in any other country or territory, products prices and shipping and handling fees that are charged to the buyer will exclude VAT on the products and on the shipping and handling. In this case, it is possible that the local customs authorities, the postal services or a courier service or any other legitimate organization may charge taxes and duties to the buyer. These charges are exclusively borne by the buyer.

Article 10: Payment methods

Per credit card: All payments validated and executed by credit cards go through a secured server. The information exchanged between the parties, such as the credit card number, the expiry date, are transferred through an encryption (services provided by Postfinance). The amount of the order is debited after confirmation of the shop administrator. In case of an out-of-stock situation on one or more specific products after the order confirmation and the buyer’s wish to cancel this or these unavailable products, the amount in question will be credited to the buyer’s credit card as soon as possible.
The buyer guarantees that he is authorized to use the selected payment method. World Archery reserves the right to suspend the order processing and the delivery in case of a credit card rejection or in case of a partial or a non-payment of an order. World Archery reserves the right to refuse an order or to execute a delivery in case for a buyer with whom an unresolved litigation exists.

Article 11: Availability of products

If an order is confirmed and one or more products are unavailable, the order will be processed as soon as the unavailable products become available again. If the delay will cause the delivery time to exceed the times indicated in these terms and conditions, the customer service will contact the buyer to find out if the buyer wishes to.
a) wait until all the unavailable products are available again and receive only one delivery
b) receive immediately the available products and receive the unavailable ones in a second delivery. In this case the shipping charges for the second delivery are partially borne by World Archery.
c) cancel the unavailable products and receive immediately the available products only.
d) replace the unavailable products with other available products (same design but different color or size, etc).

Article 12: Delivery methods

The deliveries are executed by postal services to the shipping address given by the buyer on the order confirmation.
The buyer is responsible to verify the condition of the products upon delivery.
The return right is granted for a period of ten (10) business days following the delivery of the products to the buyer. During this period, the buyer needs to notify World Archery in writing to e-mail taubert@archery.org of any and all detected defects and return it following the prescriptions of these terms and conditions.

Article 13: Problems caused by the delivery service provider

Any and all problems relating to the delivery, such as damaged products, missing products compared to the delivery slip, damaged package, needs to be notified to World Archery per e-mail taubert@archery.org as soon as the delivery has taken place. Otherwise, the delivery will be considered to have been completed in perfect condition. The products notified as damaged need to be returned by the buyer in its original packaging, following the rules described in these terms and conditions. The damaged products will be replaced by World Archery on the presentation of an official report by the postal service provider. World Archery cannot be held to pay any sort of indemnity to the buyer due to this kind of delay, or any reimbursement for any shipping charges incurred by the buyer.

Article 14: Return and exchange of products

14-a: The buyer will, within ten (10) business days following the delivery, need to expressly list any and all complaints in case of an error and/or a discrepancy between the delivered products and the products mentioned on the order confirmation.
To qualify for an exchange, the buyer will need to return the products in perfect condition, following the rules mentioned in these terms and conditions.
The shipping charges incurred by the buyer to return the products will solely be borne by the buyer.

14-b: Any returns that take place later than the allowed ten (10) business days or which would not respect the rules mentioned in these terms and conditions, will not give the buyer the right to exchange the products. In this case, World Archery shop is freed from any and all responsibilities towards the buyer.

14-c: Only the products purchased through the website https://shop.worldarchery.org can be returned to World Archery. For any Products acquired in another retail store can under no circumstances be returned.

Article 15: Order error

If a buyer by mistake orders products from the website https://shop.worldarchery.org, then these will only be returned and exchanged following the rules set out in these terms and conditions. In any case, a reimbursement is excluded.

Article 16: Return rules

The products that are returned by a buyer must to be returned along with the delivery slip and/or a copy of the invoice. A description by the buyer of the reasons behind thee return is also necessary.
The products are to be returned in perfect condition and it their original packaging to the following address:
World Archery Federation
Maison du Sport International
Avenue de Rhodanie 54
1007 Lausanne

Article 17 : Product guarantee

The terms and conditions regulating the contractual relation between the parties can not free World Archery from its obligation to guarantee to the buyer that the products are sound and safe. The buyer is expressly informed that World Archery is not there producer of the products sold on the website World Archery. Consequently, in case of a damage caused to a person or a belonging of a person because of a defect product, the responsibility of the producer can be called upon by the buyer, based on the indications on the product and on the product packaging.

Article 18: Force-majeure

None of the two parties will have failed in their respective contractual obligations if their execution are delayed or prevented by a case of force-majeure. Cases considered to be a force majeure are extraordinary events or circumstances beyond the control of the parties, such as a war, strike, riot, crime, or an event described by the legal term "act of God" (e.g., flooding, earthquake, volcano eruption, etc). However, force majeure is not intended to excuse negligence or other malfeasance of a party, as where non-performance is caused by the usual and natural consequences of external forces, or where the intervening circumstances are specifically contemplated. The party experiencing a force majeure must notify in writing with 24 hours after becoming aware of the occurrence. The parties will then, within 7 business days examine, unless the force majeure prevents it, if and how the contractual obligations will be met.

Article 19: Applicable law

Swiss law is solely applicable
For any case not covered by these terms and conditions, the Swiss “Code des Obligations” will apply.
The competent tribunal for any and all legal actions, unless otherwise prescribed, is at Lausanne, Switzerland

Article 20: Privacy statement

Any and all information exchanged by the Parties will be treated with the utmost confidentiality
All information requested by World Archery from the buyer are necessary to process and execute an order, and can therefore be communicated only to the contractual partners of World Archery
World Archery is authorized to send informative and promotional e-mails to the buyer, using the e-mail address provided by the buyer during his order. If the buyer wishes not to receive any such promotional and informative e-mails, the buyer must “click” on the corresponding options during the buyer’s initial order. The possibility to unsubscribe from the promotional and informative e-mails is always granted to the buyer. To do so, the buyer needs send a specific reply following the instructions mentioned in the informative and promotional e-mail.
World Archery will keep and store any and all correspondence sent to the buyer.
January 2017 by World Archery, 1007 Lausanne (Switzerland)